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Dec 07

How the Digital Marketing Cycle Actually Works + Why You Should Care

We know that we talk about it all the time, but we’re going to say it again for the folks in the back: the digital landscape has drastically changed the way that people make health appointments. The reality is that the average adult spends twice...

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December 07, 2018 Melissa Little View all posts by
Melissa Little
digital marketing tips
Nov 30

Here’s How to Market Your Health and Wellness Products in 2019

The health and wellness industry has grown in consumer demand, taking the internet by storm. Dominating everything from beauty to food to lifestyle, wellness is quickly becoming a trend that affects nearly all aspect of our lives as consumers....

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November 30, 2018 Melissa Little View all posts by
Melissa Little
marketing tips, building your brand, marketing strategy, healthcare marketing
Nov 26

Tips from a GirlBoss Who Made a Career Capturing Love

Micah Carling isn’t just a photographer. She’s a key person in one of the most important days of many people’s lives (myself included). And it’s more than just a job to her - it’s truly a passion and a calling.

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November 26, 2018 Melissa Little View all posts by
Melissa Little
girlboss, Women in Business, small business
Oct 25

Content Marketing for Small Business: The Power of Emotion

When was the last time you saw an email subject line that made you smile (they get me almost every time!) and then open it? When was the last time you discovered a blog post that spoke to your passions, values or beliefs - and read every word...

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October 25, 2018 Karen Cummings View all posts by
Karen Cummings
content strategy, marketing tips
Oct 19

From Architecture to Floral Design: How One GirlBoss is Shaking Things Up

From helping design additions on mansions in Martha’s Vineyard to launching her own floral design business from scratch, Britni Jeziorski has had an incredible career journey so far - and she’s not even 30 yet.

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October 19, 2018 Melissa Little View all posts by
Melissa Little
girlboss, Women in Business
Oct 11

How to Create a Stellar Content Marketing Plan in 3 Steps

When you’re on a budget, a good content marketing plan can make or break your business. It is one of the most efficient ways to create brand awareness, nurture relationships with your target audiences, and attract new leads to your business....

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October 11, 2018 Khylie Gardner View all posts by
Khylie Gardner
marketing tips, content strategy

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