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3 Mindset Shifts that Changed My Life [Podcast]

Mar 03, 2022 radiantmarketing View all posts by
entrepreneur, business tips, work life balance
Karen Cummings, Radiant Founder + CEO, joined Carla Reeves on Differently, sharing three mindset shifts that have changed her life. Life is never free of challenges, but the way we move through the challenges and show up to the different seasons of our lives can make all the difference.
In this episode, Karen takes you inside of her life to show you how she is navigating these moments very differently today.
"This was inspiring! I love how Karen talks about how shifting her mindset has helped her step out of that "workaholic" mode to being intentional with how she spends her time truly balancing work and life, and embracing new opportunities in both areas with more joy and curiosity," shared Ashley McCurley, Radiant Digital Marketing Manager, after tuning into the episode.
We encourage you to grab a cozy seat and allow Karen’s journey to stir and inspire your own journey!

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