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Gina Bracamonte

Gina lived in Arizona her whole life until she decided to move to Albany, New York for college. She played D1 soccer at the University of Albany for all four years, and graduated with a BA in Communications. She loves to learn from the people around her so she can expand her knowledge and skills. As Radiant's Social Media Assistant, she's fully immersed in all things social media - and loves it! In her free time, Gina loves to practice yoga and watch movies while eating popcorn!

Recent Posts

Nov 16

2020 Instagram Updates: A Recap for Small Businesses

These last few months have presented tremendous trials and tribulations for businesses and individuals. As a result of those challenges we’ve seen a number of technological advancements designed to benefit brands and creators.

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November 16, 2020 Gina Bracamonte View all posts by
Gina Bracamonte

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