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5 Items Every Girlboss Needs at Her Desk

Aug 08, 2017 Khylie Gardner View all posts by
Khylie Gardner
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Did you know that a messy desk could be sabotaging your career? It’s true. Messy desks give off a negative impression to your coworkers and may be holding you back from achieving your professional goals.  In fact, a whopping 28% of managers said that they are less likely to promote workers who struggle to keep their space neat.

Don’t let a messy desk stop you from killing it at work! Here are five girlboss-approved desk accessories that are sure to help you soar.

5 Desk Accessories Every Girlboss Needs

This “I Came to Slay” Plaque - $28.00

Queen Bey is the ultimate GirlBoss. Take a page out of her book with this inspiring desk plaque that will help you start kicking butt and taking names.

Magnetic Cord Organizer (Eight-Pack) - $9.00

Keep your cords together with these soft silicone organizers! Can also be used as a bookmark or a keychain, if you’re really looking to cut down on clutter. Minimalism is a Girlboss’s best friend, after all.

This Funky Hexagon Catchall - $12.00

An organized Girlboss is a happy one! Keep your keys and other loose ends in one spot to help clear up some much-needed desk space.

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These cute rabbit ear memo pads - $24.95

Look, sometimes you just need to smile! These adorable rabbit ear memo pads attach to the top of your desktop monitor and are sure to bring a smile to the face of you and all of your coworkers. Bonus: they’ll actually help you get stuff done, too.

“You Got This” Mug - $12.00

For the Girlboss with a mild caffeine addiction - start your mornings off right with this take-no-prisoners mug, and a nice big cup of Joe.


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